"Skillflow is a worldwide mentoring platform that provides professionals the right mentor through a customised matching tool, ensuring the right skills are learned under an effective relationship"


"We aim to create an atmosphere for mentors and mentees to connect, and for corporations to benefit from that interaction"

Customisable Programs

Leverage your personal and/or corporate values and competencies in skill and goal based development

Skill & Goal Based

Personal development based on skills and goals delivers results

Scalable for Corporate Enterprises

Scale your mentoring program comfortably with as many employees as you need (30,000+)



Connect with your perfect match,
based on your Needs and Personality


Develop mentoring Relationships and define Goals


Retain and improve your skills through mentoring

How it works


Engage now into your mentoring program. Each program is customised to personal & business needs.


We deliver great matches through our unique matching tool based on personalities & goals


Skillflow adds the right structure, support, and guidance to help these relationships succeed.


Define your steps towards your goals.To track your road to success.

Why be a Mentor?

Watch your mentee grow and develop a deeper sense of purpose.

Re-energise your outlook by helping someone new to the game.

Develop your skills by teaching.

Become the leader you want to be and develop your leaderships style.

Make a difference in the world by creating change. 

Important benefits


Maximise your performance

Unleash your Potential

Achieve Promotion


Reduces absenteeism

Create higher Retention 

Increase Productivity