Our Approach

SageFlow is in the business of realising potential and optimising performance. As such, we are an ambitious and innovative organisation, specialised in achieving sustainable bottom-line results through behavioural change. Depending on the service we offer, this is sometimes supported by improved management systems / processes but always by training & coaching, tailored to the needs of the people & organisations we work with.

Our company embodies excellence in everything we do thanks to our passion for individuals and organisations, and through the way we approach each of our clients. Like anyone who is new to an organisation, we believe that to listen and then understand, before being understood, is critical to the success of any partnership. This philosophy drives our entire value proposition and each of the services we offer to those around us.

Our Company

SageFlow was first established in 2014 and currently operates in Australasia and Europe, with ambitious plans to expand its on-the-ground operations in a number of other regions going forward. Our team of 50 consultants and more than 300 independent specialists with high quality competencies, offers global best practice services to each of our clients. Our team members have previously worked for well-known organisations around the globe, and are highly experienced in achieving sustainable, client-oriented results.

Due to the innovative nature of our business, we are always looking for new ways to realise the potential & optimise individual and organisational performance. With this in mind, we are proud to present two brand new service offerings which are the world’s first in their nature and design: Open Mentoring Network & Enter Australasia services.

Our Clients

SageFlow provides exceptional value to both organisations and individuals. We are in the business of adding significant value to all individuals and organisations we are fortunate enough to work with. As such, we re-invest the majority of our revenue back into the business in order to further enhance the value we provide to our clients.

With an already consolidated experience working with clients in a series of industrial sectors (a.o. Health Care, Government, Oil & Gas, Contractor Management, Engineering Consultancy, Mining, Chemical, Automotive, Banking, Production, Manufacturing, Merchandising & Design) we are continuously expanding our list of clients and sectors globally.